Service History

In 1972, William Bareman established Bareman & Associates, an architectural specialties sales company. From his original office in the family home, Bareman provided the architectural community with his product knowledge of such things as roof deck material, industrial sound insulation, and folding doors and partitions. Bareman began as a one man company with his wife Shirley as secretary and bookkeeper. His ‘associates’ were subcontractors that installed the products that Bareman sold. His attention to detail, product knowledge, and a growing reputation for honesty and dependability helped the company to grow beyond his imagination and in 1978 William Bareman hired his son, Mark, to install the products that he sold.

A year prior, in 1977, Bareman & Associates began representing, selling, and installing gymnasium equipment. Little did they expect that gymnasium equipment would drive continued growth in the years to come.

In 1985, Bareman & Associates added a line of coiling doors, The Cookson Company, to their growing list of offerings. Already familiar with folding partitions from years of experience even prior to founding Bareman & Associates, in 1986 Bareman took on a line of operable walls and accordion doors.

Business continued to grow and in 1986 Bareman & Associates incorporated with William Bareman and son Mark Bareman, as principals. William’s responsibilities were largely sales and administrative, while Mark’s role as an installer had become that of installation manager, coordinator, and troubleshooter. Mark’s installation experience continued to serve him well as he had ‘hands on’ knowledge that he could communicate to subcontract installation personnel.

In 1988, William’s son, Mark’s brother, Gregg was brought into the business. Gregg’s experience in dealing with customers and suppliers in previous business environments were seen as a valuable asset as William Bareman approached retirement.

In time, Gregg would become a partner and Bareman & Associates, Inc. became a partnership between a father and two sons.

Bareman & Associates, Inc. continued to expand driven by a growth in western and northern Michigan; churches and schools continued to spring up and add on. Most required gymnasium equipment, coiling doors, folding partitions, or all three.

In March of 2015, Mitch Bareman joined the staff and became the 3rd generation at Bareman and Associates, Inc. Mitch brought with him nearly 15 years of experience in the construction marketplace and now serves as Vice-President and partner with Mark.

Over the years, Bareman & Associates, Inc. has been blessed with loyal employees that have enabled them to continue their reputation as leader in the field.

The same qualities of product knowledge, honesty, and dependability that began over 40 years ago – continue today!

Products and Services

Bareman and Associates sells and installs products from the following quality companies:


Athletic Equipment

Draper is our main athletic equipment vendor.

Draper’s high rate of customer satisfaction results from an experienced engineering staff that designs aesthetically pleasing, high performing custom gymnasium equipment.  Quality workmanship insures years of trouble free use.  From elementary schools to university field houses; from churches to fitness facilities, Draper’s equipment adds the final touch to your facility to elevate your game.

Bareman & Associates, Inc. has been a Gymnasium Equipment distributor for more than 35 years. See our projects list for a list of some of the Gymnasium Equipment projects that we have installed with pride.

The Cookson Company, Inc.

Coiling Doors

The Cookson Company manufactures the quality coiling doors that we install.

After over 60-years in the rolling door business, The Cookson Company name has become synonymous with high quality rolling doors.  The Cookson Company remains totally committed to the commercial rolling door industry as rolling doors are their only business.  Because of Cookson’s commitment to quality and cost effective reliability, Cookson’s products are specified by more architects than any other rolling door manufacturer.

Cookson is proud to put their name on every door that they manufacture because of the high manufacturing standards that have made them successful.  When you put your name on your product, it’s got to be good!

Bareman & Associates, Inc. has been representing The Cookson Company for nearly 25-years.  We know where to find the answers you need!


Bareman & Associates, Inc. has been involved with moveable partitions since our beginning. Our own crews install and service the folding partitions that we sell. After 35+ years with a few different manufacturers, Bareman and Associates, Inc. picked up the Moderco line of Folding Partitions in May of 2016. Moderco thrives to be a customer-oriented company, whose products and services are made to meet your specific needs. Moderco is constantly searching for new and innovative ideas, products, and processes. Bareman and Associates, Inc. is proud to partner with Moderco to install and service folding partitions, folding glass partitions, electrically operated partitions, and accordion doors throughout the entire western half of Michigan.

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